Welcome to Sacred Mountain Odysseys, the repository for numerous photographic expeditions to remote Chinese monasteries. Glimpse selected archives of multiple pilgrimages to investigate the history of Buddhist and Taoist guardian monks who protected their beloved religious temples with renowned fighting prowess.

For 20 years we have researched the history of four sacred martial arts mountains in China: Songshan (嵩山), Huashan (华山), Omeishan (峨嵋山), and Wudangshan (武当山). This endeavor is an effort to preserve the vast history, colorful myths, and intriguing legends of ancient temple enclaves where Chinese martial arts originated.

Locations of Songshan, Omeishan, Huashan, and Wudangshan: the four sacred mountains where major schools of Chinese martial arts originated.

To accomplish this goal, head abbots from each mountain were interviewed. Extensive photography revealed distinctive landscape, elaborate temples and amazing people. Personal relationships were established with monks and nuns. Travel guides provided access to sacred religious sites and artifacts.

Our own personal study of Chinese Shaolin (少林) kung fu (功夫) began in 1990.  Our motivations were exercise, self defense, health and longevity.  The discipline combined external martial arts forms (empty-hand & classical weapons) and internal forms (Tai Chi Chuan - 太極拳, Bagua Zhang - 八卦掌, & Xing Yi Quan - 形意拳) with some oriental medicine education.   We continue to practice and stay proficient because we have realized the benefits of these disciplines in preserving both physical and mental health. 

Through this portal virtual travelers can discover realms where mountain mist reveals mystical enchantment and inspiration. Allow fascinating stories, interesting events and vivid photos from extraordinary journeys to immerse you in a rare odyssey across continents and centuries.

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